Krux Climbing Holds


Why choose Krux Holds over less expensive plastic?

-It feels like the real thing. Each of our holds are hand textured to feel as close as possible to actual rock, aiding in your training.

-All natural. We only use natural clay fired in an electric or wood kiln, keeping the environment safe from any harsh chemicals. We don't need to wear respirators to shape.

-Custom made just for you. Each and every single one of our holds is hand shaped, carved, and finished. No two are alike. You are getting a completely unique product that no one else has. Want something special? Just tell us, we can make almost anything you can dream up.

Please contact for more information

Expecting a more sexy website? The Krux Climbing Holds official website is in the design phase. It should be live by the end of September 2011 loaded with new pics and info. Stay tuned!